About Homoeopathy

What Is Homoeopathy ?

Homeopathy-word can be understood as  Homeo means similar &  pathy(pathos) means suffering.

Homeopathy is not just to cure the disease but along with the disease it treats a person as well.


The mode of treatment all together in Homoeopathy is based on in-depth knowledge about his mind, nature, personality, his behaviour- social, familial, financial, or work related along with his presenting complaints with signs and symptoms; on this basis a medicine is  selected for that individual person, which in turn treats and cures and uproots all the diseases suffered by that person .

For homeopath no two individuals are same as each persons behavior and his nature is different so the medication too differs.

A good and experienced homeopath always ask for more than hour for a new case!

As he takes up patients detail case history and try to know about you as to find out the exact nature and personality of that individual, for which adequate time is required to be granted.

 Its scientifically established and proved that behind every disease the core reason  is the modern life style, as for example stressful life circumstances  results in blood pressure, diabetes, depression, thyroid, disturbed sleep, etc. and many other disorders .

Due to constant stress in Today’s era , how can he lead a healthy life? How can a person lead a healthy life when his life is full of stress?

Secondly, we might  wonder so as to, how such small sago like drugs will cure disease ? We say , WHY NOT? No matter how huge and vast is a tree, but in its root there is a small seed act as a foundation of that tree. In the same way, this small tiny sweet Homoeopathic drugs act as a basis of healthy body through which the person can live a disease free life entirely. Lets spread awareness among people to lead a healthy and disease free life without any harm, this is only possible with Homoeopathic medication.

We give our children the BEST EDUCATION, we wish them to excel in studies, extracurricular activities, sports, dance, music , so for this we admit our children in the BEST school, then why not in case of HEALTHwe choose BEST line of treatment? (Without any side effects & immensely effective)  Why are we lagging in this choice of treatment?  We accurately plan our finance and investment to secure our future, so why can’t we invest our few finance in our HEALTH to secure it?  Homoeopathy improves (children as well as adult) immunity and develops a resistance power in a natural way.


It acts lately that is it consumes longer time for a disease all this is a myth. The effect of the medicine depends upon the chronicity of the disease. It also depends upon the disease intensity, severity, physical build up , cause of the disease, regular follow ups given by the patient to homeopath definitely helps in building a better treatment line and this helps decreasing the course of the treatment.


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