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A case of Left Kidney + Ureteric stone

A 69 yrs old male patient residing at Tapovan Circle, Ahmedabad had a complain of severe pain in Rt Renal region with burning micturition since 1 and half month. On 3/12/2011, Ultra sonogram showed 4 mm stone in middle calyx of left kidney and other two stones measuring 6mm & 4mm at left VU junction with mucosal oedema with back pressure changes.

Patient consulted a Urologist in Sal hospital for this and they gave some treatment and advised surgery and also insisted for the same because if this situation prolong this would affect kidneys. In spite of being aware of the situation patient opted for homeopathy and came to us on 02/01/2012.

We studied the case by taking detail case history and advised that stones which were there at VU junction will be cleared in 4-5 days and the remaining ones will get cleared within 15 days.

We started medicines and called patient for follow up after 7 days with sonography which showed that two stones of 6mm size in bladder and stones at VU junction got cleared. After which we gave medicines for 15 days and recalled patient after the course with sonography test in which no stones were seen even at the bladder region, not only that but along with this the problem which was faced by patient during micturition was also solved. Hence now patient felt happy and healthy.

The details of sonography are stated below:

K.B. Prasad stone Before

K.B.Prasad stone after

A case of primary infertility

A male patient of 44 years of age having problem of less sperm count, so he could not able to have child. He came to me for his infertility 6-7 months back. When I started his treatment his sperm count was less than 1 million. After 4-5 months of treatment his sperm count is 54 million.

Semen analysis Before Treatment

Semen Analysis After Treatment

A case of Diabetes

A male patient of 28 years of age came to me for problem of frequency of urination on 15/09/2010. We started his treatment after a full case history. With treatment his frequency was reduced but not to a remarkable level. His fasting blood sugar was 168.3 on 28/09/2010 which is as below:

Fasting Blood Sugar Before Treatment

Fasting Blood Sugar After Treatment

A case of severe Anaemia

A female patient of 25 years old came to me for breathlessness on exertion, weakness, pallor. We started her treatment after detailed evaluation and with 3 months of treatment her hemoglobin raised to a remarkable level. The details of bolod investigations before and after treatment are as below:

Haemoglobin level Before Treatment

Haemoglobin level After Treatment

A case of Gout

A female patient of 34 years of age having problem of pain in both heels since 6 months. The pain was aggravating by walking and by flexing the lower limbs. She had shown to Orthopaedic doctor who told that she had Gout- one type of arthritis. I also had problem of headache and irregular medicines but these all complains got better with homoeopathic medicines. Her uric acid report which was high before came to normal limit after medication. The details of this are given as below:

A case of Secondary Amennorhoea and Allergic Dermatitis

A female patient of 25 years age residing in Ahmedabad, had complain of not getting menstruation after menarche for 5 years. She came to me for this on 22/04/2009. I had gone through the case. Her main complains were- Not getting periods since 5 years, severe itching with oozing in soles and in between toes. She also had problem of recurrent abdominal pain and diarrhoea, Weakness and she was not gaining weight (when she came to me her weight was 43 kg and height was 5 feet 3inches) .

Her appetite was decreased and her desires were sour food and spicies. Very sensitive to any kind of strong smell. Sleep disturbed due to itching and abdominal discomfort. By nature- She was angry- anger on triffles Suspicious, Jealous of her sisters, she had feeling that her mother didn’t care for her. Fear something will happen and she would die. Dreams- Snakes, of her own death. Thermal state- Hot, Perspiration- Profuse, very offensive. This was the data I collected from her after case taking and I started treatment with well selected remedy. Follow- up on 07/05/2009- Her abdominal Pain better, Itching increased than before but no oozing, Sleep better, weakness better. Follow up on 14/07/2009- Better itching, No abdominal pain and she got her periods(menses) on 06/07/2009 and it was continued for 5 days Now she regularly gets her periods (menses) without any difficulty and no itching/oozing/eruptions in soles, No abdominal pain since then, Diarrhoea better and her weight on 21/11/2009 was 53 kg. This was the end of case.

A case of Left Ureteric Stone

A case of Left Upper Ureteric Stone A male patient of 26 years age doctor by profession residing in Deesa, had severe left ureteric colic on 31/07/2011 with nausea, vomiting and haematuria (blood in urine).He underwent ultrasonogram on 01/08/2011 which showed 8 mm stone in left upper ureter with mild hydronephrosis and hydroureter. Patient went to urosurgeon who suggested Surgery i.e, Left URS but patient opted for Homeopathy. I took online case and got the following symptoms: Left loin pain aggravation by movements, nausea, haematuria, appetite decreased, urine frequency increased with low volume of urine.

His desires sweets, Chilly patient, very talkative- can talk for hours, flatterer, sympathetic. Fear of dark. This much I inquired about him and gave him medicines on 1/08/2011 after thorough analysis. On 2/08/2011- Complain of severe pain with less haematuria, no nausea, urine flow- decreased, medicines added to previous selection. On 3/08/2011- Mild hypogastric pain, No haematuria, Urine flow- good, Advise was given to undergo repeat ultrasound but patient went to surgeon instead of going to Radiologist and surgeon did sonography with his sonogram and he was surprised and concluded that there was no stone in left ureter but there were small particles of stone present in bladder. The surgeon said this was wonderful and I didn’t know that Homeopathy can treat stones in such a great way.

Medicines continued with plenty of fluid intake. On 5/08/2011- Patient called me because he had episodes of haematuria in morning. I explained him and advised to continue medicines and take plenty of water. On 6/08/2011- No complain, No Haematuria. Advise- Repeat Ultrasonography. On 7/08/2011- Ultrasound suggested no evidence of stone in left kidney or ureter and there was no hydonephrosis or hydroureter. Medicines continued for 1 week followed by prophylactic doses every week for prevention of RECURRENCE. The details of reports are stated below:

Left Upper Ureteric Stone Before Treatment

Left Upper Ureteric Stone After Treatment

A case of Secondary Infertility + Oligospermia

Semen Analysis Before Treatment

Semen Analysis During Treatment

A case of Fever with asymptomatic painless hematuria

A 7 yrs girl had high grade fever, cough since 2 days. I started medicines and advised some investigation- CBC, PS- Mp, Urine- Routine + Micro and the report showed normal Hb, raised WBC count and to my surprise 6-7 fresh RBC in urine which was uncommon. I gave assurance to patient’s parents and started medication on totality bases. I gave medicines on 27/10/2012 and the fever cured the next day so advised patient to do follow up investigations but they made it on 10/11/2012.

The reports are as follows:

A case of Left Ureteric Stone + Right Renal stone

A 27 yrs old male patient residing at Udaipur had a complain of severe pain in Left loin region. On 14/04/2013, Ultra sonogram showed 5 mm stone in left lower ureter with hydronephrosis with dilated ureter & 4.3 mm stone in right upper calyx.

Patient consulted a surgeon at Udaipur for this and they gave some treatment and advised surgery. Patient opted for homeopathy and contacted us by website and we had a telephonic conversation.

We decided the treatment just by telephonic talk and we assured the patient that stones will get removed with our treatment in 1 week.

We send the medicines by courier and called patient for follow up after 7 days with sonography but due to some problems patient didn’t contacted us for 15-20 days so we thought our medicines had not worked. On 17/6/2013 he called me and said his stone problem has been solved with our medicines. Now patient felt happy and healthy.

The details of sonography are stated below:

Stone Before    Stone After


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