Obesity- Weight Management

Reduce weight 3 kg- 4 kg per month without any side effects

Reduce your weight with normal diet and maintain your health with homeopathy.


Reduce weight with least stress and more fun:

Our day starts with breakfast, followed by lunch and dinner.

We keep on hogging in between our meals without thinking its effect on our body.

Some times after having knowledge of calories and our over weight problem we tend to neglect it and keep on gaining weight

Many a time we know about our obesity and we cut down our daily eating chat to half

This in all leads to Weakness, dehydrating your skin which leads to shedding away charm from your face, hampering your reproductive and digestive system and also reducing vital vitamins and mineral content from body

You might reduce your weight but what’s the use when you reduce overall health?

Following strict diet increases risk of gaining it back with faster speed when you get to your normal diet.

So….How can we reduce weight with following diet which just our weight and maintains our vital vitamins and mineral contain in our body.

Spandan Homeo Cure provides the best solution which helps you to reduce weight, provide charm to your skin, regulating basic vitamins and mineral content.

Dr.Manish.Thakkar’s advise and medicine helps to reduce weight in correct manner but also helps in maintaining it after the medicines are discontinued.



This tips can be followed at home but try and regulate your diet plan

 Rise early

Start your day as early as possible at least rise 1-2hrs early to your routine time.

e.g if u need to leave for work at 9am then wake up by 7am


Make sure that your bowel are clean

 Add 30 minutes of exercise which includes 15 min of warm up at the beginning weeks then gradually increase exercise hours.

Add short meals containing low calories at every 3-4hourly.

Try and take more of water containing fruits and soups.

Add more of protein to your diet.

Evening walk is very important.

See to it that you sweat profusely while doing your exercise and during your walk.

Be punctual in your diet plan and exercise.



Never skip your meal.

Avoid eating Chocolates and bakery products.

Avoid Outside cooked food and Sweets.

Get up every two hourly if you have a siting job.

Do not plan you chart as per making it as strict diet.

Do not restrict yourself taking home made food.

Avoid potatoes in your meal


There are lot many things to be consider while reducing weight

To reduce your weight in right way contact Spandan Homeo Cure.


Spandan homeo cure provides :-

  1. Medicine –which reduces weight but with no side effects and with no withdrawal symptoms
  2. Diet chart- its specially made for you according to your body stature and your height
  3. Cooking recipes
  4. Exercise pattern
  5. Some important tips which you might be following in your life style but its acting as a factor in increasing your weight



Hi I am Mrs. J.P. and I am glad to announce that I started treatment for obesity from Dr. Manish Thakkar 1 year back but before that I was not sure that how much homeopathy could help me for this. I was much tensed about my weight and particularly my waist- abdominal girth because I was not able to wear good garments as it didn’t suit me because of heavy abdomen. During this period I came down to a homeopath and he told me that I could lose my weight but I should keep patience and faith so I started treatment and initially for 1 month I could able to feel that something is going on good in my body but there was no change in my weight so I was quite upset but doctor told me to just wait and watch and gradually a month passed by and what i could observe was weight loss!! You wont believe for me it was a dream come true my daily wears got loosen up and I lost 9 kg of weight and 6 inches of my waist. Now I can enjoy every dress and it suits me too.

Thank you so much doctor, I will not forget this wonderful help given by you.

-J. Priyadarshi, 50 yrs, Vadaj

I am Foram Doshi, I had started treatment for overweight from Spandan Homeo Cure. I was feeling  low and inferior too while socializing . I had the constant feeling of not looking good as I was overweight. My weight was 68 kgs. I had tried lot many things to reduce my weight by dieting, exercise, medicines but didn’t get results. Then I came in contact with Dr. Manish Thakkar. I consulted him and he counseled me and explained me in detail without giving any false promises what other would give in this era. He explained me that we can reduce your weight with the help of medicines, diet instructions and exercise. He also explained me that medically you should not loose  more than 2 kgs in a month otherwise it will affect your health in general but he assured me that in 5-6 months I will be more slimmer, fresh and healthy than now. Really saying, initially I thought 2 kgs in a month is too less for me but when I thought over it I realized that Doctor’s advise was true in every sense because if  I loose 10 kgs in a month but what if I gain 15 kgs after discontinuing the instructions and medicines what we see in the market then it is of no use. Then I started treatment from Dr. Manish in March 2012 and followed his instructions. In 4 months I reduced 7 kgs and felt more fresh, without weakness and  no side effects. Now my weight is 61 kg. I left the treatment after June 2012 as Dr. Manish was advising me to continue for more 2 months but I was not able to continue because I got the results what I wanted and today in October 2012 I am coming to doctor’s clinic every 15 days just to check my weight and you don’t believe that my weight is still the same as it was in June.

This helped me a lot.

– Foram Doshi, 25 years, Jivraj Park, Ahmedabad


Hi friends, I am Rohini Doshi, married 4 years back. I was physically fit before marriage, quite slim but after delivery I started gaining too much of weight which made my physique disturbed and that affected me a lot. I was trying to reduce weight by dieting, exercise and medicines with ayurvedic and allopathic medicines but was of no use. Meanwhile I came to know about Dr. Manish Thakkar through my sister-in-law because she lost good amount of weight after undergoing his treatment. At the beginning when I went to this homeopathic clinic my weight was 65 kg in May 2012. He gave me some simple diet plan and exercise to follow with homeopathic medicines and in 3 months I reduced 5 kgs and it felt really great. I am now as good as I was before delivery and the other thing which is striking is that I discontinued the medicines before 1 month but I didn’t get any withdrawal symptoms and my weight is constant.
Thank you Dr. Manish to make me as I wanted to be. I would like to say for all married women who delivered a child and are trying hard to reduce their weight please don’t sway away in wrong market advertisements to reduce your weight without consulting doctor as it would affect your health and try to reduce your weight with homeopathy if possible, as it doesn’t have no side effects or withdrawal symptoms.

-Foram Doshi, 27 years, Jivraj Park, Ahmedabad.


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