Patient Testimonials

Brijeshkumar ediedI Brijeshkumar a normal employee was suffering with hard stony like mass in scrotum since 2 months. I have tried many medicines but did not get any relief. After false promises from allopathic doctors I had lost all hopes. With God’s grace I thought to visit Dr. Manish for homeopathic medicines for the same problem. He educated me about my disease status and asked me to go for a sonography after 1 week of medicines. Just in 1 week of medicines my problem was solved and it was a great surprise for me. The homeopathic medicines dint even solved my problems but saved my expense for further reports & surgery. Thank you to homoeopathy.

– Brijeshkumar, 16 yrs, Paldi, Ahmedabad.


editedMy name is Maltiben Shah, I am 49 years old. I had problem of pain in shoulder since 1 year. My situation was so bad that I couldn’t even perform POOJA, lifting hands for TILAK on God’s idol was also very painful. I consulted Orthopaedic doctor, they got all my investigation done and named the disease as Frozen shoulder. They gave me medicines from tablet to ointment; also got my physiotherapy done for 3 months but there was no improvement. Then I got into contact with Dr. Manish as he is childhood friend of my son. Firstly I thought what would these homeopathic medicines would do but after receiving treatment for 2 months I was 80% cured and was able to do all hand movements and to my surprise I was able to lift my hand and clean my storehouse. Thank you so much doctor.

– Maltiben Shah, 50 yrs, Vasna, Ahmedabad.

EditedI am 18 years old, from last 2 years I had gastric problems due to which I had recurrent abdominal pain because of all this I was feeling unwell & tired, consulted all type of doctors. Lastly my mom took me to Dr. Manish for homeopathic medicine & to my surprise I had no gastric problem within 3 months of medication.

– Devansh Bhansali, 19 yrs, Paldi, Ahmedabad.



Rita Namsa crop 1Hello my name is Rita Namsa, I am 22 years old. I was unable to gain weight inspite of trying all kind of medicines, I was just 40 kgs. As my “Jijaji (Brother-in-Law)” was resident at Ahmedabad and got good results for his medical problem, advised me to take homeopathic medicines from Dr. Manish as I reside at Jetpur, I decided to talk to Dr. Manish, he gave me option to get online consultation and get medicines via courier. He also gave a true advise of me gaining weight with regular intake of medicines and follow ups. I was worried that would I be able gain good amount of weight by March 2015 as I am going to get married in April 2015 so after trusting Dr. Manish started with his medicines in June 2014. I was surprised that I gained 5 kgs by the end of December 2014. I am very happy that my goal is fulfilled by homeopathic medicines and my treatment is going on for further for the same. Thanks a ton to Dr. Manish.

– Rita Namsa, 22 yrs, Jetpur.

Rajeshwariben Modi editedHello, My name is Rajeshwariben Modi, I am 35 years old, I had problem of severe acute pain in Knee Joint which was started in 2009. I had consulted an orthopaedic doctor for the same. He diagnosed it as Osteo-Arthritis and explained me that it was not curable but  I might take pain killers as and when required. I took his treatment for about 3 months without much improvement, then I tried Ayurvedic treatment but there was no such improvement in my health. Meanwhile one of my neighbour,Ramjibhai Nayak, who was going through the problem and was taking Homeopathic treatment from Dr. Manish at the SPANDAN HOMEO CURE and advised me to consult him. I went there for consultation. He asked me in detail for about 2 hours and gave me Homeopathic medicines and suggested me to continue for about 8 months and assured me that the disease would be cured permanently. I was surprised by improvement in my health in the 1st month itself and within 3 months the pain had completely gone and to assure myself I took medicine for 6 months. Thank you so much Dr. Manish.

– Rajeshwari Modi, 35 yrs, D-Cabin, Ahmedabad.

Rutvij1I am father of Rutvij Rathore, my son was 4 years old and was suffering from urticaria since 1 year. We tried allopathic treatment for about 6-7 months. Allopathic doctors & Dermatologists tried all possible medicines and steroids also but there was no improvement because urticarial eruptions were not getting better or controlled with steroids. Then one of our relative doctor suggested to try homeopathy and so we consulted Dr. Manish, he advised that this will definitely get cured but will take some time and also suggested not to take any other medicines in between. We agreed and started Dr. Manish’s medicines. Initially for 3 days itching was increased but as Dr. Manish advised not to take any other medicine so we took homeopathic treatment even for fever and it got cured faster to our surprise. Rutvij’s urticaria got cured 100% in 5-6 months and till today after 4 years he has not faced any such problem(urticaria). Once again we consulted doctor for his headache problem as we have complete faith in homeopathy because of Dr. Manish.

– Rutvij Rathore, 8 yrs, Acher, Ahmedabad.

I was suffering from IBS more than 2 years, and I took treatments from few Ayurveda doctors, few Homeopaths, and also allopathy, but never got my problem solved. After searching lots of on the internet as I was living in Australia, with God’s grace and luck and found Dr Manish Spandan Homeopathic Clinic and its been proved to me outstanding. I started treatment with Dr Manish, within two months I started to feel better. Now after 8 months of treatment I can say proudly that I have control of my IBS, I found Dr Manish so knowledgeable and his detailed case study is excellent. I have taken his medicines for my daughter as well for few other problems and it also worked remarkably faster. Now I only contact Dr Manish for any health issues for my family.

– Nirav Barot, 32 yrs, Australia, Mob- 0061433906071


I had a problem of numbness in legs from knees to the soles. I wasn’t able to sense the feel of walking on my own feet instead I felt as if I am walking on cushion, this problem was from last 1 year. I had pain in hips and knee joints also had left side leg pain (Sciatica) since last 1 ½ years. I never felt like eating since last 2 years. Appetite was really very poor. I tried many allopathic treatments from Orthopedic doctors some of them said numbness is because of Vit B12 deficiency so they gave me injections but my numbness remained as it was. Then as I had tried homeopathy from Dr. Kantikaka for my cold problem at a very young age and got good results & so I had hopes for homeopathy so with my neighbor’s reference (Krishnakant Modi & Heena Keshwani) I went to Dr. Manish & I started his treatment 7 months back. Within 1 month I started gaining my appetite and after 2 ½ months I got rid from my numbness. My sciatic pain, hip and leg pain got reduced than before so I am continuing treatment as doctor suggested to continue it for 1 ½ yrs. But it feels really great.

– Bhanuben Thakkar, 70yrs, Paldi, Ahmedabad.

I am father of Saurabh Raj, my son is just 5 years old had developed wart (verruca vulgaris) since last 5 months. We have tried allopathic medicines. Doctors- Skin Specialist advised cauterization (minor surgery). We saw in advertisement about Spandan Homeo Cure Clinic through pamphlet saw its website found reliable so took appointment for consultation. We described about our son’s problem, sir assured us there would not be any surgery required for the removal of warts. We took medicines from Spandan and to my surprise in just 1 week medication wart disappeared. Today we are back to clinic after 7 months for Saurabh’s mom’s case. We are very happy as my son recovered without undergoing cauterization.

– Saurabh Raj, 5yrs, Motera, AHmedabad.

My daughter Archi Mehta 21/2 years had Atopic Dermatitis in back of knee joint & elbow since 6 months so she had severe itching especially at night, took allopathy but got no relief. We had heard a lot about Spandan so we took an appointment for an opinion but after seeing Dr. Manish & his explanation about the disease we decided to take a treatment from here so on 12/04/2010 (that’s the same day we visited Spandan Homeo Cure at 1st), within 6 months my daughter was cured. We have moved to Australia but my daughter is in cured position. Thanks to Spandan.

– Archi Mehta, 4yrs, Australia.

Jai shri kishna,
I am Bharatiben Patel, I was suffering from knee joint pain from last 3yrs, severity of my pain increased from last 3months. I consulted many doctors for the same they named my pain to be a Osteo Arthritic + sciatic pain. I had sleepless night due to the same problem. It was difficult to perform daily activities like walking or ascending or descending stairs. I was really tired and lost all hopes of getting any relief as I had tried all kinds of medicines. Some medicines gave temporary relief and some did not give any results. My family friend suggested me to consult Dr. Manish Thakkar at Spandan Homeo Cure, young homeopath gave me hopes that I will recover soon and I must say small sweet pills recovered me in just 4 months of homeopathic treatment. I could walk and climb stairs as before. I was really happy to get back to my usual life. Its been almost a year that I have left medicines but I have not com across any sciatic pain yet, Thank you to Spandan Homeo Cure.

– Bhartiben Patel, 42yrs, Bapunagar, Ahmedabad.

I am Mr.Gairola,
My Daughter Ananya was suffering from uncontrolled passing of stool and urine at night at the age of 5yr 6months. We consulted many pediatrician for the same but dint got any curative treatment. Along with this she also had speech problem i.e. difficulty in speaking normal words. Finally a family friend suggested us for Spandan Homeo Cure. We visited with lots of hope and Dr. Manish also promised us for curative treatment so we started Ananya’s treatment here on 7/04/10 and got gradual improvement, by 4/10/10 my daughter was fully cured with her stool and urine problem and her speech also improved.

– Ananya Gairola, 8yrs, Motera, Ahmedabad.


I am Bharatbhai Patel,
I developed piles from last 6months due to which I was suffering from burning sensation after passing stool and had hard stool. I wasn’t able to sit on my working chair, my days were going bad and painful. I took allopathy treatment at 1st but it dint show remarkable change so I opted for homeopathy at Spandan Homeo Cure, I started my medicine on 8/05/2010 and got really refreshing improvement. My hard stool problem improved and finally my piles disappeared after 13/07/10.All thanks to Dr. Manish.

– Bharatbhai Patel, 33yrs, D-Cabin, Ahmedabad.

I am Mr.Binoy father of Aron.Binoy,
At first we came to Spandan Homeo Cure for Aron for his Keratosis problem & hyperpigmentation on neck. He suffered from it from last 3months side by side my son had got burn injury while playing so I consulted Dr. Manish for this problem as I had heard that homeopathic medicines works best for healing against burn injury, Aron got relief from burns in just 15 days or so. Keratosis & hyperpigmentation improved and along with it all other problems like seasonal cold, cough and fever was also managed by the same medicines without any extra expense. We as parents were very happy with homeopathic treatment as for a child its easy to have and as he doesn’t even feel that it’s a medicine. For me Homeopathy is package of miracle as it cures burns, seasonal problems as well as my child’s skin problem and that to in short span (7months).

– Aron Binoy, 2yrs 4 months, Chandkheda, Ahmedabad.

I am Amit Singh, I had problem of small boils which turned reddish and had offensive smell from last 2yrs. I used to keep on scratching my legs over boil area again and again. I also had problem of recurrent cold and cough problem. I had visited many doctors for same but dint got much improvement. They diagnosed this as allergic problem. I started this treatment on 4/01/2010 got good improvement in itching in just 3days medication and I was totally cured in October 2010. I regained my health and felt healthy as I got rid of boils and cough together, till date its 2013 I have never faced same problem. I am happy, thanks to Dr. Manish Thakkar

– Amit Singh, 22yrs, Sabarmati, Ahmedabad.

I am Rashmiben Amin,
I Had a problem of heavy menstruation for last 5 months and due to which I had developed weakness. Adding to my problem I develop a problem of disliking of food, swelling over my face. I was really upset and my main concerned was my heavy bleeding from last 5 months. I took allopathic treatment for same during this phase but when I was taking those medication I never had problem of bleeding but in case I missed the dose my problem continued. Gynecologist diagnosed this as Menorrhagia. I choose Spandan Homeo Cure for my treatment after under going for many treatments.
To my surprise my bleeding got stop on first day of my medication and got my periods regular in just 1st month of medication, I started developing liking for food and my diet got normal. I am very happy and would like to continue medicine for my over weight also I am sure Dr.Manish Thakkar will prove wonder for the same.

– Rashmiben Amin, 31yrs, Chandkheda, Ahmedabad.

Jai Shri Krishna,
I am Vishnuben,
I had regular menses cycle was for about 20days and my menses used to last for at least 12-15days, due to which I developed weakness along with disliking over food and I consulted 2-3 Gynaec doctors for the same and they suggested me for operation they termed it as Hysterectomy. I was very tensed I didn’t had money to under go surgery and above all I never wished for a surgery, I shared my problem at my job place, their I was suggest to try homeopathic medicines and that to at Spandan Homeo Cure only I wonder why they suggested me only Spandan Homeo Cure but to my surprise after I started with these medicines my menses got into regular cycle of 28-29 days and my menses used to last for maximum 6 days and with regular bleeding. My diet improve and felt refreshing. Medicines helped me to gain my physical as well as mental health, I am very happy that I was suggested to take homeopathic treatment under Dr. Manish. Thank you so much now I never take leave from my job place and my salary is also got increased due to regular attendance.

– Vishnuben Vaghela, 36yrs, Chandkheda, Ahmedabad.

Jai shri Krishna, I am Jayantibhai. Patel I observed a problem of viral warts on face especially on my chin, this was from last 3 months. I took allopathic & homeopathic medication, tried cauterization but warts reappeared again soon after the treatment in fact after Cauterization warts increased in numbers and covered my entire face. Then I got to know about a young homeopath Dr. Manish Thakkar, I Visited him on 9/7/2012 and inquired if in case he could help me for my problem. He assured me that I would get rid off these warts with regular intake of medication. I said ok take my case after he took my detailed case, gave me the medicine after seeing the medicines I rarely believed that they will help me in any way but still I thought to try it. To my wonder on 10/8/2012 my all warts were cured and on 5/12/12 I came with my wife to consult her for new case.

– Jayantibhai Patel, 52yrs, Motera, Ahmedabad.

I am Mrs. Mevada, my son Parth had a problem of bed wetting since his childhood along with this he had a problem of involuntary stool at night. Took allopathic treatment but found no results.
We came to Spandan homeo cure on 24/5/11. Homeopath told us that this problem is known as Nocturnal enuresis and it can be cured. He gave us the confidence that medicines will help our child to recover from this problem.
After 6months of homeopathic treatment my child got completely cured of his both the problems. I am very happy and relaxed as now I don’t need to watch my child at night times.

– Parth Mevada, 8yrs, Motera, Ahmedabad.

Hi, am Renu Verma, I had developed the problem of migraine from last 15-16yrs that is may be at the age of 19 or 20 yrs and from last 6months my energy turned down that is I felt weak and was feeling unhealthy.
I came to Spandan Homeo Cure on 7/9/11, told doctor to recover me soon as I had lost hopes after trying all sorts of medication from many years for my migraine but didn’t got any permanent relief. My migraine was normally associated with vomiting, after starting my treatment with Dr. Manish Thakkar my migraine disappeared. I discontinued medication by my wish and my problem is 90% cured after treatment.

– Renu Verma, 34yrs, Motera, Ahmedabad.

I am Tarun Dabhi, I was feeling unwell from a long time. I had a problem of vertigo, fluctuating blood pressure. This affected my professional as well as my personal life. I was irregular in my jobs. Attendance at my job site comprised of maximum 15-20 days then I used to discontinue the job, I used to repeat this for each new job which I used to get. Even at my home we are just three in my family- my wife, my 1 ½ yr old daughter. I used to get annoyed if somebody converse with me in the house. I used to stay lonely, I used to keep thinking & keep lying on bed. I had lost interest from my homely environment & even with outside world. I had lost my sleep from last 4 years. I just had 2 things to do: lying on bed & eating food. My life was ruined. For this I visited many doctors, took psychiatric treatment, he told me that I was suffering from depression but he failed to cure me. Somehow I came to know about Dr. Manish Thakkar. Initially I took his medicine for about 2 months & I was well. I discontinued those medicines on my wish as I was feeling well. After a year I faced this problem again then I started with allopathic medicines but got no results, I went back to Dr. Manish Thakkar, I again started with medication and now I am totally cured. I am in the same firm from last 8 months which never used to be otherwise. I go for outing with my family. I have started caring for them, I play with my daughter. My family and me are happy as I have got self-back and feel healthy as I never used to feel before. Thank you to homeopathic medicines & homeopath.

– Tarun Dabhi, 35yrs, Vejalpur, Ahmedabad.

I am Revajiben I had complaint of burning soles which was usually along with pain. While walking on ground I used to feel as if I am on some burning charcoal. My feet and my ankles both suffered the same. Its been almost 2yrs that I have sat on ground/floor. This is not it I also had problem known as leucorrhoea(white discharge) from the beginning due to which I used to feel weak. Adding to it was my headache. I tried every kind of medication which I could but didn’t found any relief. I came up to Spandan with great hope as I had heard about this young homeopath from my relatives and yes I got about 80% relief in 1month of medication and you will be surprise to hear that I was completely cured from all sorts of problem in just months. I have left his medicine now and after that also I am living in cured state. Visit Spandan with your problem and live healthy life style forever. Thank you Dr. Manish.

– Revajiben Thakore, 35yrs, Kanesara, Patan.

Hello, I am Shital Thakore, am 8yrs old, I had allergy on my skin I used to scratch my skin all over my body every day due to this I had no friends and no body used to sit beside me. I couldn’t even sleep properly; I had marks on my skin due to this same problem.My mom Revaji Thakore took me to Dr.Manish uncle he gave me sweet medicines and now I don’t have any problem.
Hi I am Revajiben am Shital’s mom, the problem she explained was termed Allergic dermatitis by doctors she suffered for about 6months. She used to scratch her skin badly due to itching problem more over because of this blood & pus oozing had become another problem adding more to it was left over marks. Such a small kid and this problem it was a tense full situation for me I took her to Dr. Manish as I had found myself recovering from my pain I was sure that Shital will get cured. Yes what I guessed was correct after 20days of her medication she is free of allergic dermatitis. Now she has friends and good sleep. Once again thank you to young homeopath.

– Shital Thakore, 8yrs, Kanesara, Patan.


I am Varun Purohit, I had a problem of decreased immunity and so I was falling ill recurrently, along with it I had developed problem of Piles which were bleeding and were painful. Every time I go for stool it was paining like coal of fire and was bleeding severely. For my immunity I took many treatment and all kind of medicines were tried but didn’t show any improvement. For my piles I consulted my family physician and surgeon both the doctors suggested for operation but I was frightened to undergo operation. Meanwhile my cousine who is studying homeopathy suggested me to consult Dr. Manish and I visited Spandan Clinic. Dr. Manish asked me for about 2 hours and consoled me that there is no need for surgery and I was relaxed. I started his medicine in May 2011 and within 3 months my piles were cured and in next 1 and 2 months of treatment my immunity increased like a magic. I didn’t remember when I felt ill last after starting these sweet medicines. Its wonder to visit Spandan Homeo Clinic.

– Varun Purohit, 30yrs, D-Cabin, Chandkheda, Ahmedabad.

I had severe constipation from my childhood, and had difficulty in passing stool. Moreover I had gas problem that is gas used to form very easily which lead to stomach ache. My recent 3yr old problem of knee joint pain had harassed me a lot, my problem was so serious that I had difficulty in climbing the stair case and even wasn’t able to sit on the floor. I tried all sorts of medication but even I tried homeopathic treatment from Gandhidham, Bhuj and Ahmedabad but got no relief. Then a good friend of mine suggested me Dr. Manish Thakkar.
After coming to Spandan and talking to the doctor I felt hopeful for recovery. My constipation problem got solved up to 50-60% that to within 3month. In just 4months I was healthy as I was never before. I can just eat whatever I can climb up and down as before. Thank you doctor, thank you so much.

– Leelaben Thakkar, 55yrs, Gandhidham, Bhuj.

Hi! This is Mrs.Patel, my daughter Sanvi Patel of 2yrs had problem of decreased appetite. I constantly had to struggle at meal time to make her eat in return I use to get tired but she never used to eat anything. Her diet comprised of air and water that’s it. She disliked vegetables and even milk and thus all resulted in health problem that was she was under weight. I tried allopathy for 1st 3-4days she started eating little bit but then the problem continued. Medicines didn’t taste well that was the second problem. Then I came to Spandan Homeo Cure , Dr.Manish gave sweet medicines which were accepted taste wise and her appetite improved well, there was remarkable change in her weight and I have discontinued the medicines after a short course of 4months but the effect is still the same after 7month also.

– Sanvi Patel,  2yrs,  Naroda Ahmedabad

Jay Ramji, I have business of loading rickshaw and I get the wedges on daily bases. My son Bharat Prajapati, 12 yrs old was suffering from Allergic Bronchitis + Asthma since childhood. It was our routine during every monsoon and winters that we have to admit him at least 5 times in almost period of 6-8 months and doctors used to give nebulisers, inhalers(pumps), antibiotics, steroids and what not And the complaint got relieved with treatment but after treatment my son felt tremendous weak and generally didn’t eat properly for at least for 7-8 days. By seeing him in this condition I used feel pity and I wanted to cure my son and I didn’t wanted him to suffer any more. I tried ayurvedic also but no improvement. Then I came to know about Spandan clinic and went there and we started homeopathic treatment. On first day when doctor gave us those small sago like medicines I told doctor that “ SAHEB AA ATLA PUMP-INHALER, PELU KAEK NAKE LAGAVANI DABBI E BADHA THI NATH MATATU TO AVDI GOLI SU KARSE” but then I remember that it was starting of rains and I asked doctor “ K kyar thi asar thase saheb ketli var lagse” and doctor replied which I still remember that “ ATyar thi j aa padiki api ne asar chalu thai gai”. At that time I was thinking nothing will happen but as days passed on and my son didn’t get any single attack of asthma or bronchitis during monsoon then I realized what wonder this medicines did. After that during winters there were total 2 attacks of cold and cough with milder form of asthma but it was better with homeopathic treatment. We didn’t use allopathy and the main thing is my expenses for medicines reduced and now he didn’t have to suffer from post treatment weakness and effect on appetite. Thank you very much Dr. Saheb.

– Baldevbhai Prajapati, 42yrs, Jagatpur, Ahmedabad

My daughter, Twisha had severe problem of bronchitis. She got recurrent throat infection with cough and difficulty in breathing. Every time we used to give her nebuliser and antibiotics and this was the routine for every 2-3 months and also when there was a climatic change. We tried allopathy but they used to say that medicine was the only solution and that to for a short period of time, whenever she gets the infection or having problem there was no cure in allopathy so we tried Ayurveda but without much improvement. So we thought to start homeopathy at our town (Sidhpur), this wasn’t enough for my child. Meanwhile we came to know about Dr. Manish Thakkar and we took a chance and to our surprise after starting medicines from Dr. Manish she didn’t get a single attack of bronchitis and we have not visited hospital any more even not for throat infection. It’s not that she didn’t catch throat infection but it used to get better with Dr. Manish’s medicines. We are very much thankful to Spandan Homeo Cure and Dr. Manish.

– Daksha Thakkar, Gandhinagar

Hi I am Jigar Patel, am just 26yrs old at this age, I had complain of shooting up of H.T since 2yrs, I had developed problem of stone, it was detected on taking sonography, one was renal stone of 6mm with mild Hydronephrosis and Hydroureter. I had total 3 renal stones one was of 4mm while the other was about 3mm. It gave a severe flank pain along with vomiting. The pain was so intense I was not able to go for work and then visited physician who gave me medication and advised if pain will not subside and stone will not cleared in 2 days then you should undergo operation that is URS. I took medicine but there was no change in intensity of pain and stone was not cleared. So I was in tension meanwhile one of my cousin doctor suggested me for Dr. Manish because he had got improvement for his 9 mm stone with homeopathic treatment. So I came to Spandan Homeo Cure and Dr. Manish Thakkar told me so nicely that don’t worry your stone will get cleared in 4 days and it gave me so relaxed and sympathetic feeling that now I should not have to undergo operation and to my surprise I was completely cured in just 5 days medication. Thank you so much doc.

– Jigar Patel,  26yrs,  Naranpura, Ahmedabad

Gitaben Nayak, had severe Pain in both knee joints since last 3 months. It started after I had a fall from stairs. I took allopathy for the pain but got temporary improvement and once I stop taking tablet pain shoots up severely. Pain was severe in the morning with stiffness. Then my relative asked me to consult Dr. Manish Thakkar and so I came to Spandan Clinic. Doctor asked me for about an hour and then with his firm confidence gave me the confidence that with these medicines I will get cured for this. Initial 5 days pain was not improving rather it was increased than before so I consulted doctor and he assured that it will be get cured and to my surprise within 5 days my pain was reduced by 50% and in 2 months my pain disappeared now in the morning I can wake up as I was before my fall that is pain free. I left the treatment by my wish and today I am referring my Jethani to sir but I have no pain in this one year.

– Gitaben Nayak, 47yrs, D- Cabin, Ahmedabad

Pain in right knee joint since last 1 yr but the intensity increased since 1 month. I was not able to walk, ascending or descending the stairs was also a difficult job for me. I wasn’t able to get up from the floor. I consulted orthopaedic for this and he told me that it is Osteoarthritis and it is due to age and it is not curable. I have to take pain killers for life time. The other complain is severe pain in lower back since last 15 years. I am taking allopathy for many years and after this knee joint pain my medicines increased and in case I forget to take pills my pain gets severe.One of our doctor suggested for Spandan Clinic and we came here on 26-6-2010 and started medicines. Dr. Manish told us that 80-90% of your complain will be relieved but not 100 %. We started medicines. But I was wondering that 6 pills of that allopathy did not work then what will this small pills do in my huge body though we started and you won’t believe just in 1 month my pain was reduced to 50% and that to without allopathy, I left all 6 pills in 10 days. And after 2 months of treatment I am completely cured so I told doctor you were saying that only 80% of the problem will be relieved but I am completely alright and doctor advised me to continue it for 10 months but I discontinued after 4 months and though till today I am pain free. It’s a magic. All credit of the magic goes to a wonderful Dr. Manish.

– Khemiben Patel, 52yrs, Vastral, Ahmedabad

Jai jinendra, I am Nitaben Shah was suffering from the problem of severe left leg pain which was diagnosed as sciatica from last 4-5yrs. At times the pain was so severe that I was unable to perform household chores and also had difficulty in getting up from the bed. I was really tired as I tried all sorts of medications like allopathy,ayurvedic and even homeopathy medicines but got no relief finally my friend advised me to go to Dr.Manish Thakkar, to my surprise I found a gradual relief and in about 8months pain totally disappeared now I can live healthy life though by my choice I have continued these medicines.

– Nitaben Shah, 43yrs, Paldi, Ahmedabad

I am Sunita Patel and as a woman had all sorts of responsibilities of family to add more to it. I developed painful joints, my walking was restricted due to this problem. I visited doctor they asked me to check for uric acid. My uric acid was tested and counted as 6.8 it was quoted as Gout. Doctors told me that there was no medicine to cure this problem only a temporary relief can be observed by regular intake of allopathic medicines. I was fade up of this problem so I went to Dr. Manish Thakkar a homeopath he gave me about 5 months of medication then told me to repeat uric acid test it showed a count of 5.4 that means it was normal. I was cured without any regular allopathic medicines. Thanks to Spandanhomeocure and I must say Gout can be cured.

– Sunita Patel, 35yrs, Sabarmati, Ahmedabad

I am Sadhana Shrimali, my son (Devansh Shrimali) is 5 years old. He was having problem of obstinate constipation from childhood.He was having great difficulties in passing stool. We have to give ENEMA every alternate day so he can  pass stool. As I was taking homoeopathic tretment from Dr. Manish Thakkar so we decided to take homoeopathy for my son. After taking homoeopathic treatment we have not given single ENEMA to my son from last 5 months and he regularly pass stool without any difficulty. My son was not gaining weight because of all this problem but after this treatment he is gaining weight in healthy manner. Thanks to Dr.Manish. We have complete trust on homoeopathy.

– Devansh Shrimali, Sabarmati, Ahmedabad

My name is Kirtiben N. Gajjar & my son’s name is Het who is 9 years old. He had problem of coughing (Literally,he used to cough like a DOG). We took a lot of medicines for this purpose. First of all we consulted our family physician M.D. Dr.XX who gave medicines for about 15 days but there was no improvement at all. Then we Consulted specialist E.N.T Dr. YY in Satellite who told us that your child is having dust allergy. He gave treatment according to that for about 10 days.As their wasn’t any improvement after 10 days we again visited Dr. YY without any improvement in problem and this time Dr.YY told us that child has no problem, this cough is just HABITUAL, you do 1 thing whenever he coughs  you hit him on his mouth and he will get cured from this cough this way. But I was really taken a back n was not convinced with doctor’s opinion and I visited other 4-5 doctors but that was unveil .Then my husband advised me to consult Dr. Manish Thakkar and I consulted him. Dr. Manish Thakkar and he assured me that my son will get cured in 1-2 months and you won’t believe and I was really surprised because within 8-10 days my son was totally cured from horrible allergic cough.  If this cough would be just habitual as what E.N.T. Dr. said then it might not get better with homoeopathic medicines and I really felt that homoeopathic medicines are far better & very effective than modern allopathic medicines. So now onwards if any problem is there with my son & our family we only take homoeopathic medicines from Dr. Manish Thakkar.

– Kirtiben Gajjar, Vastrapur, Ahmedabad

I had a severe problem of pain in both knee joints from last 1 year. Pain was so severe that I could not able to walk and climb stairs. Pain was getting worse by bending joints. Pain was burning  like a fire with swelling and redness  of joints. I took allopathic  treatment from many doctors  but not got better. Finally I went to Dr. Manish Thakkar for Homoeopathic treatment and with 3 months of treatment I completely cured from pain in knee joints. Now I can walk up to 4-5 km without pain and feels freshness after this medication. I really feel that this homoeopathic medicines can treat any damn problem.

– Rambhai Nayak, Chandkheda, Ahmedabad.


I had problem of bleeding piles since 3 years and was also suffering from severe burning pain after passing stool along with profuse bleeding . I took many treatments- allopathy, ayurvedic, homeopathy but with no relief and surgeon suggested for operation. Meanwhile I came to know about Dr. Manish and started his treatment. After 10 months of treatment now I don’t have any burning sensation nor bleeding during or after passing stool. Thanks a lot to doctor who cured me without undergoing any kind of surgery.

– Vipulbhai Thakkar, Vejalpur, Ahmedabad.

I am Heena , was suffering from Corns since 6 months.I had severe pain while walking and so was unable to walk for a long time.I took this problem to one of my family Surgeon who advised me operation for this but I did not wish to do so. I started Homeopathic treatment from Dr. Manish who assured me to cure this without operation in 4 months. After 2 months of his treatment my all corns disappeared. It was a miracle by a young doctor.

– Heena Keshwani, Paldi, Ahmedabad.

I was suffering from allergic urticaria. The urticarial rashes were appearing on elbow, thigh, back of knees and I had feeling as if “ lot of mosquitoes  were biting”. I also had problems of constipation and gastric problems. I used to have severe itching almost all days and it was aggravated in evening. I consulted top most skin specialist of Ahmedabad for this problem without any improvement and they advised me to continue medicines as this urticarial is not curable. Then I finally came to see Dr. Thakkar and he told me that it will be cured in 6-8 months. So initially I didn’t have any hope for cure but after taking his treatment I felt good improvement in my itching. I continued medicines and after 7 months of treatment I did not get a single attack of urticarial. This is really unbelievable and credit goes to Dr. Thakkar because almost every good skin specialist could not able to do what Dr. Manish Thakkar has done.

–  Kala Verma, Chandkheda, Ahmedabad.

I had a problem of indigestion since 25 years. I had to pass stool immediately after eating and it was getting worse by tea. It was diagnosed as Irritable Bowel Syndrome. I was tired of passing stool whenever I eat something. I had tried allopathy, ayurvedic treatment but had no improvement. Finally I opted for homoeopathy treatment from Dr. Manish Thakkar and within 3 months of treatment my problem of indigestion improved 80- 90 % than before . Now frequency of  passing stool has came down to one or two per day. Thank you very much Dr. Manish Thakkar.

– Dipakbhai Shah, Paldi, Ahmedabad.

I am Payal Gupta, my daughter (Riya) is 2 and ½ years old. Since birth she had problem of catching frequent cold and cough which was accompanied by mouth breathing. My daughter was also suffering from diarrhoea which was twice or thrice in a month and also had constipation due to intake of milk. Then we consulted to Dr. Manish Thakkar and my daughter was cured of her suffering after just  5 months of homoeopathic treatment.

– Riya Gupta, Paldi, Ahmedabad.

I was suffering from severe cracks in my soles since last 1 month and this problem reoccurred in every winter from last 3 years. It was very painful to walk with these cracks. I took treatment from many doctors but there was no improvement. I also had tendency to catch cold easily. Finally I tried homoeopathy from Dr. Manish and by my surprise I was totally cured within 2 month. Now its winter and I can walk without cracks and pain. Really homoeopathy did a wonderful job for me.

– Jay Modi, Paldi, Ahmedabad.

I had warts on my face from last 1 year. Earlier I had warts 4 to 5 times in a period of 6 years. I underwent cauterization 5 times for this but now I was fade up of getting this treatment done again and again because warts reappeared on body after some time of treatment. Finally I opted for homoeopathy and within 2 months of medication all warts disappeared. Now its almost 7 months of medication and there are no warts on my body. Dr. Manish helped me in such a wonderful way that henceforth I will not require any surgery to be done for warts. Thank you so much.

– Sanket Doshi, Vasna, Ahmedabad.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI am Kirtiben Gajjar I had problem of severe pain in my knee joint and backache too since 8months. I had shown to some Orthopedic doctor he advised me x-ray of knee it showed spurs and sclerosis of knee and he gave me some medication but my pain was not relieved.Then I visited Dr. Thakkar he gave me his homeopathic medication and I must say I was totally amused to see myself getting complete relief in just 3 months. Thanks to homeopath and its miracle.

– Kirtiben Gajjar, Vastrapur, Ahmedabad.

I had a problem of severe acidity since 9years. I used to feel heaviness around my chest and many a times I had a feeling of anxiety. I was really upset with this problem tried many different doctors and their medicines but was not cured. My complaint got seized after I started taking Dr. Mainsh’s homeopathic medication. I am almost cured after his 4 months of treatment.

– Navinbhai Gajjar, Vastrapur, Ahmedabad.

I was suffering from psoriasis of nails of my toes as well as fingers since one year. I also had a problem of cracks of hands and ankle, these were so severe that it had a burning sensation. My skin became rough, dry and when I showed to dermatologist I got to know that my skin was photosensitive. I tried my lotions and ointments but got little to no relief then I came across Dr.Manish and I was happy to take his medicines because the results were good in just 2 months and got completely cured in 9months.Thanks to Dr.Manish I got my skin back and now it never burns.

– Sushilaben Shah, Vasna, Ahmedabad.

I am Mrs.Joshi, my son Ved Joshi (5yr old) used to catch cough and cold on regular basis with the change in weather and in take of sugar based food since he was born when we referred a pediatrician he gave us a reason that your child’s immunity is low so he is suffering with this problem. My husband and me referred many doctors for our child’s problem but it showed no improvement on Ved’s health lastly we consulted Dr.Manish and within 10 months Ved was OK. Now there are no episodes of cough and cold since 5 month after discontinuing medication. I am happy to see him and eating whatever he wants. Thanks to Dr.Manish.

– Vipali Joshi, Ambawadi, Ahmedabad.

I had problem of warts on my fingers and toes and also had corns on my soles since 10days when I showed it to Dermatologist he said that they were viral warts . Corns were very painful to touch and it made me cry. I told my problem to Dr. Manish and he promised me to cure this and indeed he did that in just 3months. I was satisfied with the treatment he gave and felt that homeopathy is a real boon in medical field.

– Heenaben Thakkar, Satellite, Ahmedabad.

I am Ayushi Thakkar, just 17yrs developed a problem of severe itching on eating tomatoes, lemons, in that matter any sour food along with this I used to feel giddy and nausea also. So I had to be very careful while eating it had became a curse for me when I showed it to doctors they told me its called urticaria along with this I developed a problem of severe constipation. I took all sorts of medication but got temporary relief then I opted for homeopathy medication from Spandan Homeo Cure I must say I was surprise to see my self eating all sorts of food stuff in 6months now I am relieved of constipation also. Now I can live a better life.

– Ayushi Thakkar, Shreyas Tekra, Ahmedabad.

I am Chandrakant Gajjar, had a problem of painful knee joints since 10 yrs which got increased since 1 yr because of which I had difficulty in standing and climbing stairs. I tried many medication but got no relief then I got to know about Dr. Manish’s homeopathic medicines thought to try it and this time I got 80-90% relief from my leg pain in the span of 5 months. Now I can easily climb up and down and so I feel better. Thank you to Dr. Manish.

– Chandrakantbhai Gajjar, Kandiwali, Mumbai.

I had problem of itching on my whole body since many years but got increased from last 10yrs. I was really tired of this itching when showed it to dermatologist he said I had some allergy and gave some medicines but got no relief but thanks to Dr.Manish who relived me from this itching problem in just 2 months. Now I never scratch my body.

– Nilam Vedaliya, Navrangpura, Ahmedabad.

I am Rajvi Thakkar, at very young age of 14yrs, developed a feeling of nausea since 1year. I also developed an habit of staying alone and I always felt neglected by parents. I never used to feel good about myself and always felt jealous of my younger brother. I consulted Dr.Manish, he explained this to be a pre-menarchy phase and he said I will be fine in few months of medication and indeed I am feeling much better after taking medicines for just 2 months. Thanks to miracle of homeopath.

– Rajvi Thakkar, Vasna, Ahmedabad.

I am Shivam Pandit, developed boils all over my body since 2years. I felt very low seen them and it was an ugly sight for me to see those boils every day. I consulted many doctors, I must say I might have taken thousands of medicines but was unveil. Then I came across Dr.Manish, explained him my situation and he gave me medication I was relieved of my boils in just 7 months. Now I never feel ugly. Thanks to Dr.Thakkar and his treatment.

– Shivam Pandit, Paldi, Ahmedabad.

Hi I am teacher by profession and was suffering from gas, heaviness in chest and acidity for 8 months. The problem was more in the morning and during taking classes and because of this I could not able to take classes properly. I took many allopathic and ayurvedic treatment but there was only little improvement and finally I was fade up with my problem but one fine day I came to know about Dr. Manish from my friend so I thought to try homeopathy. After 2 months of homeopathic treatment I was completely alright and now I can take my classes without any problem. Thank you doctor.

– Jayshreeben Trivedi, Jivrajpark, Ahmedabad.

I had psoriasis of scalp (head) for 7 months and had severe itching over my scalp with scaling of my skin. I also had history of psoriasis 5 years back and got better with homeopathy but it again started on scalp from last 7 months. I started homeopathy from Dr. Manish and my health improved a lot in 3 months and now it has been 9 months of the treatment and I got complete relief.

– Krishnakant Modi, Paldi, Ahmedabad.

I had itching with eruptions over whole body for 1 month. The skin specialist said it was due to allergy to soap so they started medication accordingly but even after 1 week of medication there was no improvement in complains. Then I started homeopathy treatment from Dr. Manish and to my surprise I was completely cured in 3 days. Thank you very much Dr. Manish and may God give you all success in life.

– Foram Shah, Dubai (U.A.E.).

Jay Jalaram, I had severe pain in right knee joint for 2 years and it was diagnosed as Osteoarthritis of knee joint by Orthopedic doctor. The Orthopedic doctor said this problem cannot be cured and the only thing was to take pain killers for relief of your problem. I had problem in walking, sitting, climbing stairs. Earlier I used to walk 5 km per day without any problem but after that my frequency of walking decreased to  half km /day as pain was very irritating and trouble some I was almost tired of my life but  I came to know about Dr. Thakkar  from my friend and I  started homeopathy treatment from him and my pain was completely better in 5 months. Now I go to Jalaram Mandir (Paldi) every Thursday from my house ( 5 km/day) i.e. at Vasna walking without pain. Thanks for giving me so wonderful and pain free life.

– Muljibhai Thakkar, Vasna, Ahmedabad.

Hi this is Sharda Patel, I had a problem of nose blockage i.e. basically due to cold it was termed allergic due to cold weather since last 2 years. It aggravated in winters and cold food and beverages. I also had a problem of disturbed sleep since last 2 years. I took allopathic treatment & ayurvedic treatment for the same but failed to improve. Then I Started homoeopathy treatment from Dr. Manish and my health improved in 6months and I am getting good sleep and able to enjoy winters.

– Shardaben Patel, Motera, Ahmedabad.

I had severe burning sensation in both soles and palms since last 20 days, aggravate during daytime along with it I also had allergy when my skin gets exposed to sun i.e.my skin was photosensitive and on exposure my skin turned black. Above all I got my Menopause since a year. Doctors said these all is a menopausal syndrome. I took many advises but after having a word with Dr.Manish I got a hope of being normal so started with homeopathy treatment and within 1 month my burning vanished and after 4 months sun allergy reduced to great extent. I feeling healthy all thanks to young homeopath.

– Meena Oza, Sabarmati, Ahmedabad.

I had severe problem of gas, flatulence, heaviness of abdomen, water brash since 12 years. My gas problem aggravated in winter and in take of pulses with burning sensation which run down from mouth- throat- to stomach. Acidity increased with intake of lemon not with spicy or fried things and ameliorates by cold milk. I also had constipation since 4 months. I Took all sorts of allopathy, Ayurvedic medicines for 2-3 yrs with no improvement mean while I got to know about Dr.Manish so thought to try and to my surprise after 3 months there was no gas, flatus, acidity nothing remained. I am very happy now and I can eat everything. Thank you so much doctor.

– Diluben Patel, Raychandnagar, Sabarmati, Ahmedabad.

My son Varun had Allergic dermatitis since 6-7 months on both elbows. He used to scratch whole day long. It was started after going to swimming pool. I took skin specialist treatment for him but it did not show any improvement. I had heard about Dr. Manish from my friends and so went to him. He promised me that my son’s problem will get solve and within 1 month itching was almost gone and in 5 months all eruptions were vanished and problem was solved. Really it feels like magic all thanks to homeopath.

– Varun Chhabadiya, 7 yrs, New C. G. Road, Ahmedabad.

Jai shrikrishna, I had Sciatica (Ranzan in Gujarati) of both legs with arthritic pain in both knee joints since 5 months. Pain increased on flexing limbs, sitting on the floor, climbing down the stairs and also by extending limbs. Took allopathic treatment with temporary improvement but every time taking those medicines was again felt of no use then I started homeo treatment and in 2 months 70-80 % better. Now I can climb as many stairs as I want feels good.

– Karsanba Raol, Shahibaug, Ahmedabad.

I must tell you Spandan Homeo Cure is just amazing. I had tried many allopathic and ayurvedic medicines for pranjal for his Allergic rhinitis but never got such good result and that to in just 8months. He was suffering from this problem from last 5 years, he had continuous sneezing problem with itching in eyes, redness of eyes, running nose, usually this occur in March-April but this time in winter also due to change of weather he has not faced any problem and he is living healthy life.

– Pranjal Kaushiley, 15 yrs, New C.G.Road, Ahmedabad.

I’m Mrs.Nair, my child Abhishree was suffering from Adenoids since age of 3 months, at the time of treatment she was 2 yrs 2 months, she had Mouth breathing & snoring, difficulty in breathing which increased at night, on lying on back. I took treatment from ENT doctor but he advised Operation, so I thought to try some Ayurvedic medicines but no use then came to Spandan clinic and after 5 months of treatment from Dr. Manish her snoring, mouth breathing and difficulty in breathing was cured miracally, and now she is completely healthy till date she has not faced any problem as before. It was a boon to her that she did not have to undergo surgery thank you very much Dr. Manish.

– Mr. Nair, 42 yrs, IOC Road, Chandkheda, Ahmedabad.


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